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Materuni Waterfalls

Materuni is the home of the Chagga tribe and is still an authentic tribal village. This charming place is just 15km away from Moshi Town and is the last village before the Kilimanjaro National Park. You will be picked up in Moshi in the morning, by our English-speaking guide, who will drive you to Materuni Village. Upon arrival, you will register at the village office and your trip can begin.

First you will visit the waterfalls, which are around a 40 minute walk away. On the way, your guide will inform you about the culture of the Chagga, village life and explain the surrounding fauna and flora. The views are truly breathtaking, and with some luck you will see the summit of Kilimanjaro. When you reach the waterfalls, you will see that they are more than 80 meters high. The pool at the bottom of the waterfall is an inviting place for a refreshing swim so don‘t forget your swimwear!

After having enjoyed the scenery, you slowly return with your guide to Materuni village, where you will experience a traditional Chagga lunch. You also will have the opportunity to taste our local banana beer – definitely not to be missed! But that’s not all. Next the coffee experience awaits you. Here you will learn how coffee is cultivated, dried, roasted and further processed. You will also be invited to help with thegrinding of the coffee, which is traditionally accompanied by Chagga songs and dances – a fun way to immerse yourself in the local culture. Before you say goodbye and return in theafternoon to Moshi, you can savour the coffee you made and appreciate the views of the surrounding rainforest.

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The town of Moshi is the second-largest tourism hub of Tanzania, the capital of Kilimanjaro region and the place from where most Kilimanjaro adventures begin. Built in the early 19th century by the German colonists in Africa, it has a rich and turbulent history worth knowing about. Though Moshi is seldom viewed as a travel destination in itself, those who are interested in knowing more about Swahili culture should definitely consider visiting. Numerous local cafes are just right for getting a glimpse into the Tanzanian cuisine, while Moshi curio art shops are among the best places in the region to buy memorable souvenirs with symbols of the country.


Night life in Moshi is always bustling – bars, restaurants and clubs won’t let you get bored, and you’ll always find a place to chill out after a KIlimanjaro hike or safari. The city of Moshi in Tanzania is also the place from where most Kilimanjaro day hikes start. So no matter who you are – a nature enthusiast or a culture aficionado, Moshi is certainly the best spot to start exploring the country. The capital of Kilimanjaro region, Moshi is one of the most densely populated areas in the country. According to the 2017 census, over 200,000 people live there. Despite its sizeable population, the area takes up only about 60 km2, making it the smallest by size in Tanzania. Administratively, Moshi is divided into 21 wards.


All major shops, travel companies, cafes, bars and businesses are centered along Arusha and Mawenzi roads in Old Moshi. These areas are always bustling with street vendors touting their goods, auto rickshaws and the motley crowd. Here you’ll find the bus station for those departing to Dar es Salaam, Arusha or other cities in Tanzania by land. It’s the place where you are likely to find lots of “fly-catchers” trying to sell you a climbing or safari package at a knockdown price. Though the offer might be appealing, there is always a risk of numerous hidden costs or an outright scam. Better book in advance with licensed operators. Westwards you will find a much quieter neighborhood known as Shanty Town. The best hotels of Moshi are located there, and the area is ideal to unwind before or after the wildlife adventures in the National Parks.

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