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Best Hotels in Kilimanjaro

If you are here to climb Kilimanjaro, the following lodgings offer both comfortable accommodations and all-inclusive climbing packages. If you don’t wish to reach the summit but would prefer to explore the lower reaches, or you just want to say you spent a night at the foot of the mountain, the Marangu Hotel is the …

Cheap Hotels in Moshi

Whether you are a holiday lover, a planner of amazing city breaks or a romantic seizing a weekend with the other half, unleash your travel-planning when you use us to find and book cheap hotel deals. Why use US?? Compare deals easily Enter your requirements and hit search, then compare a huge range of cheap …

10 best things to do around Moshi

While Arusha is the gateway to Tanzania’s Northern safari circuit, Moshi is the most convenient base for climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Moshi itself might not seem very exciting when you first arrive, but there is actually lots to do and explore when you delve a bit deeper. Whether you just have half a day to spare …


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