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How to Plan your Kili Climb

It’s all about proper planning A Kilimanjaro climb is a very special type of adventure, beyond a traditional vacation. Unlike popular beach vacations or simple hiking tours, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro requires certain preparations. After all, this adventure takes hikers to the highest point of Africa at 5,895 m/19,340 f. This is often the highest altitude …

15 Steps of Planning a Trip

HOW TO PLAN A SAFARI IN TANZANIA – IN 15 EASY STEPS Tanzania boasts some of Africa’s largest and most impressive national parks, making it a must-visit destination for safari enthusiasts. But planning a safari tour can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the country or if you haven’t done an African safari …

11 Tips for New Travelers

Learn 11 tips for first time travelers, from how to plan, what to pack, safety tips, and more. With these tricks you’ll be so ready to leave home with confidence! Preparing for your first trip can be overwhelming, right? While each first time traveler’s preferences and each trip are unique, I’ve made a list of 24 handy …


Solo Female Travel Tips

If you’re looking for an African destination for beach, safari and culture, Tanzania is a good choice of destination to travel to. Below is our solo female travel Tanzania guide including places to visit in Tanzania, the best time to visit and solo travel in the country. Just choose the relevant section or read the …


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