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Luxury Buses from Moshi

Luxury Buses from Moshi | Arusha | Babati | Singida | Dar-es-salaam | Iringa | Mbeya | Mwanza | Bukoba | Tanga

Bus travel in Tanzania is an adventure. Last year,  of the Most  bus routes in Tanzania, there is no much information online. The following step-by-step Morogoro Luxury buses guide include information on bus companies, pricing, departure and arrival times, border crossings, visas, and more. Pretty much everything you’ll want to know to make each trip.

If you are traveling through Tanzania independently, chances are you will be spending a lot of time on Buses. Between researching bus routes, locating the bus terminal, and actually riding the bus, it will feel like you are spending half your trip just dealing with buses. Hopefully, this guide will make the process just a bit easier.

Tanzania Bus Travel Notes

Traveling by bus in Tanzania is exhausting. They are hot, rarely stop, and are packed full of people ( Some of the major cities have beautiful luxury vehicles with AC ). With that being said, Tanzanian buses can be a great experience with the right mindset. 

Fellow passengers are friendly and interesting to talk to, the views are spectacular, and you get to experience some entertaining African film and music during the journey.

Bus travel is really the only option for traveling Africa on a budget. The African rail system is incredibly limited and flights are too expensive. There are two types of bus you will encounter in your journey: coaches and minibusses.

Tanzania Coaches

I recommend you take the coach if it is available for the route you are traveling. Benefits of traveling by coach rather than minibus include:

  • Much more comfortable seating- The seats are generally in decent condition and are padded. They may even recline if you’re lucky.
  • Not packed nearly as tightly as minibusses- Many countries do not allow coaches to be filled with more people than there are seats. Minibusses will be packed as full as possible.
  • The journey will take less time- Coaches generally travel between major cities with few stops along the way. Minibusses stop every two minutes to pick up and drop off passengers.
  • Fewer transfers- Coaches travel long distance. Minibusses generally travel shorter routes between towns. This means you may have to take 5 or more minibusses to get to your destination. Each transfer is stressful requiring that you find the next bus headed in your direction and move your gear from one bus to the next.
  • Everyone pays the same price- When you purchase your ticket, the price will be printed in the office so that you know you are not being ripped off. Minibus drivers will try to overcharge you every chance they get.
  • Better Security- Coaches are run by professionals. They care about their reputation so they will put in an effort to ensure that you and your belongings all make it to your destination safely and in one piece.

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